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Kyle von Wrangel Kinsey


Kyle von Wrangel Kinsey is a diversely talented individual.  A talented glass artist, and all around lovely genius, you can meet him and/or see his glass work just about every day of the week at the Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington.  The rest of the time he is immersed in the creation of beautiful things in his studio in Seattle, or pursuing the richness and delights that life holds. 

Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Kyle grew up spending vacations in and around the studio of his grandmother, Margaret von Wrangel, a pioneering fused glass artist, celebrated ceramicist, and fount of love.  His grandmother's studio was a playground and laboratory for Kyle to play with color and form, and to develop his art. 

As years went by, what started as play grew into a more concerted pursuit of artistic visions.  In High School Kyle entered and won various art shows with his drawings, ceramic creations, and fused glass pieces.  High school was followed by philosophical explorations at St. John's College and all the art and beauty in and around Santa Fe.  Though far from his Studio, Kyle kept his artistic juices flowing parallel to the intellectual ones by sketching regularly and entertained himself with the composition of lyrical poems and songs.  


After time spent travelling and working in various jobs, including just enough time in a cubicle to appreciate the alternatives, and two amazing years teaching Humanities, Math, and Art in Montana, Kyle's artistic blood and enterprising nature called too strongly for him to ignore. 

At the end of 2002 Kyle moved back to Seattle to pursue his art full time.  Moving in with his grandmother, Kyle was able to both work and pursue his Artistic Visions in the studio in which his earliest work had been done.

Spending long hours in the Studio, Kyle worked like a mad scientist in his laboratory, experimenting with original techniques, honing his skills and expanding his knowledge of his medium.  By the summer of 2003 Kyle had his work displayed in various venues, including galleries on the prestigious Canyon Road, in Santa Fe, NM.  At the beginning of 2004 Kyle began to show his work at the Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington. 


Now almost 20 years later, Kyle is grateful for the enjoyment, evolution, innovation, ingenuity and flexibility that his career as an artist offers. Kyle is active and creative in his studio in Lake City, in the NE of Seattle.  Dichroic jewelry is a mainstay of production, but new projects are always in development.  Silversmithing, lighting elements, and electroforming explorations are all currently on the plate. New challenges and delights present themselves regularly. Enjoy!

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